Conveyor Belt India

Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Our Rough Top Conveyor Belt has wide demand in the international level owing to their remarkable features such as tremendous tensile strength, least elongation, exceptional adhesion property part from high abrasion and wear resistance. These offer smooth and efficient functioning with no hassle. These are preferred for their durability as well.

These are chiefly designed and produced for the conveyance of light-weight, delicate or fragile stuff apart from packaging resourcesincluding papers, hard-boards, bags as well as cartons, etc. The special coarse surface provided to these belts ensures thetendency the conveyed objects to fall down especially when they are conveyed on the inclined surfaces. Hence are absolutely reliable and functional or the Packaging Industries as well as manufacturing Industries. We offer our Rough Top Conveyor Belt in India at exclusive price range.

Rough top Conveyor Belt

Construction and Properties:

  • Carcass of synthetic EP fabric
  • 2 or 3-ply construction with cut edges
  • Odorless, nontoxic, non-marking
  • Top cover: Full 1/8¨ thick SBR
  • Black top cover: For utility type incline service
  • Back protection: Durable friction surface bottom or a synthetic bareback
  • Tan cover: For transporting packaged food products

Salient Features:

  • Low friction co-efficient with bare back bottom
  • High strength & flexibility
  • Anti-slippage & Superior performance
Technical Specifications:
Grade Conforming to Standards Recommended For Features
Rough Top As per International Standards These belts are specially designed with a Rough Top / Pimpled or Ribbed / Cleated carrying surface to prevent slippage. Ideally suited to carry packaged materials on gradients of more than 20º. Low friction co-efficient with bare back bottom. Two or three plies of synthetic fabrics provide high strength & flexibility.
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