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General Purpose Conveyor Belts

We offer General Purpose Conveyor Belts in diverse range of dimensions as per the requirement of the customers and as their name suggest are popular for their general and versatile applications. We are the top General Purpose Conveyor Belts exporters and produce them withthe best quality of material procured from the most reliablesellers of the related market. These are absolutely qualitative and based on the up-to-date technology.

Because of the precision in their make in terms of quality they provide the clients with the most preferred features that are cost-effective as well such as excellent mechanical strength, High tensile strength& minimal elongation even after prolonged usage, negligible maintenance. These have great wear & tear resistance and have a great life span. We offer them at industry leading prices.

General Perpose Conveyor Belt

General Purpose Conveyor Belt (Grade N -17) :
We recommend these belts for its compounded rubber cover, General Purposes for Stone Crushers Carrying of Stone Boulders, Peebles Clinkers, Mud, Sand, Wood Logs, Baggage, Bamboo Chips, Wet Coal Silo, etc. It can handle moderately abrasive material and conforms to the maximum abrasion loss value specified for Grades such as ash, sized coal, bauxite, chalk, etc.

General Purpose Conveyor Belt (Grade-M 24) :
We recommend these belts for General Purposes for Stone Crushers, Carrying of Stone Peebles, Iron Pallets, Wooden Logs, Coal Handling Plants, Manganese, Copper, Bauxite and Graphite Ores etc. These Belts are very common and can be used for any product handling which has below 8000 C temperatures. It has extra abrasion resistant, cuts and gouges resistant for the specific type and size of material to be handled. It is suitable for conveying sharp, large lumps and rugged materials under adverse loading condition. SAR - 90: Conveyor Belts:
We recommend this Conveyor Belt for Conveying materials of normal temperature but extremely abrasive nature, which can wear and tear the carrying surface and edges of the belt's Material like: Sponge Iron Ores or in Sintered Form, Ores of : Aluminum, Copper, Manganese, Brass, and Minerals like Bauxite, Lead, Zinc & Graphite etc. We recommend belts in Heavy Duty only for desired applications.


  • Used in material handling equipment
  • Driven by a power-operated roll
  • Handle bulk material such as sand, coal, biomass fuels, wood chips etc.

Technical Specifications:

 Cover Grades  M-24 & N-17
 Width  UP to 2400 mm
 Length  As Per Your Demand
 Fabric Piles  3 to 10 in Nylon / Nylon (NN)
 Carcass Construction  Straight Ply / Stepped Ply Reverse Stepped Ply.
 Cover Thickness  As Per Customer Specification
 Chevron Covers  Rough / Pimpled, V/C Cleats
 Edges  Cut or Moulded / Protected
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